Migdal Consulting is an educational consultant in Frederick MD specializing in 504 / IEP support services, virtual Bowman Orton Gillingham Plus tutoring, Dyslexia intervention/support, twice-exceptional students, and special education consulting. 

As a Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist with a Masters Degree in Special Education, and, most importantly, as a proud mother of 3 diverse learners, I will help guide you toward solutions that lead your child to success.
-Marla Migdal, (C-SLDS)

Trusted Dyslexia Specialist & Educational Consultant in Frederick MD


Our mission at Migdal Consulting is to create and sustain interpersonal connections with our clients and meet their individual needs at every level.

We serve and support students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia along with comorbid conditions such as anxiety, ADHD, and Speech and Language challenges. Migdal Consulting is an educational consultant in Frederick MD supporting students in Frederick and surrounding areas, as well as virtually across the country.
Knowledge is power and I will teach you how to maneuver through the process to help you help your child.


Migdal Consulting provides comprehensive educational consulting services, including educational assessments, IEP & 504 Support, Data Review, Classroom Observation, Expert Witness, Presentations for Professional Development, and more. We support students with learning challenges, their families, and fellow special education teachers and schools with personalized educational consulting. We serve all of Mid-Maryland and surrounding areas, as well as virtually nationwide.

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An Individualized Education Program (IEP) specifies the special education instruction, supports, and services a student needs to thrive in K-12 public school. A 504 plan specifies how the school will provide support and remove barriers for a student with a disability. Both can provide supports like accommodations and assistive technology. Migdal Consulting supports students and families with IEP & 504 services such as writing goals and objectives, plan review, attending meetings, and more. 

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Migdal Consulting provides in-person and virtual Tutoring for students with learning disabilities. Our special education tutors are certified special education teachers and specialize in dyslexia tutoring. In-person tutoring is an option depending on availability. We provide 1:1 Bowman Orton-Gillingham “Plus” tutoring, OGStar Reading®, Paragraphology, Visualization and Verbalization, Handwriting, Middle School and High School level Math, Study Skills Help with homework or tests, and special workshops such as SAT 101. 

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Educational Consultant in Frederick MD offering Special Education Support


What Sets Migdal Consulting Apart From Other Educational Consultants?

I have a unique understanding because I sat in three seats at the IEP table. I was a special education teacher, general education teacher, and parent of dyslexic children, and now I sit in the fourth seat as an educational consultant. I believe in working as a team and offering my support to everyone at the table because that is what is best for the students and make sure they are receiving FAPE.

Learning Disability Support & Tutoring Services


What is FAPE?

Students with disabilities have the same right to K-12 public education that students without disabilities have. In order to receive and benefit from that education, students with disabilities may need special education and/or related aids and services. Section 504 and Title II require public schools to provide appropriate education and modifications, aids and related services free of charge to students with disabilities and their parents or guardians.
The “appropriate” component means that this education must be designed to meet the individual educational needs of the student as determined through appropriate evaluation and placement procedures. However, students with disabilities must be educated with students without disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate.


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