T. Strassberger

Marla has been working with our son for the past year and she has been amazing. I highly recommend!!

C. Murphy

Marla has helped me to navigate the school system and ask questions that I had no idea to ask. She truly cares about your kiddo getting what they need and deserve! Highly recommend!!

S. Frownfelter

Marla has been amazing helping to get my daughter identified with dyslexia and also with recommending accommodations. She has a wealth of knowledge in this area and would definitely recommend her.

D. Clokey-Adams

Words can not express how amazing Marla is! Despite receiving special education services since Kindergarten, my son was not making progress. With the help of Marla we were able to get the middle school to agree with a Dyslexia diagnosis. Without Marla my son would still be unidentified. Marla worked tirelessly to go back through all the iep documents to build a case with data from the school system. She has been there for me through the roller coaster of emotions that come a long with this journey. I really can’t accurately explain how meaningful Migdal consulting has been for my son and our family. Her expertise is remarkable. Honestly, her work has been life changing.

A. Windsor

Marla has been a huge asset to our family with navigating us through the IEP process. She is very knowledgeable and respected at my sons school. She also tutors my son. Marla’s style of teaching keeps my son engaged in each session. We have seen great improvements.

M. Reid

I reached out to Marla two years ago. My son was struggling in school due to his dyslexia. She was instrumental in getting things turned around with the school, provided resources outside of school and explained everything to me along the way. My son was was recently evaluated again and gains he made were beyond amazing. I was so thankful I reached out to her.

M. Hardison

Marla is the best!! She is extremely knowledgable about dyslexia, interventions, the IEP process and so much more. She was a huge asset to our fight to get a more appropriate intervention for our son. She also gives real advice and thinks about what is best for your kid. I am so thankful that we found her!

S. Bnk

I was given Marla’s information while struggling to advocate for my daughter who shows strong signs of dyslexia. She has been a wealth of knowledge and instrumental in getting my daughter the services she needs! She is very responsive and has been so supportive to me! She attended our IEP meeting and pushed for what my daughter needed! I couldn’t have gotten to this place without her! Anyone struggling to navigate the school system and the IEP process will benefit greatly from her assistance! Marla works hard for her clients and their children! She has a passion to empower her clients to be advocates themselves. We will be continuing to use her services and expertise in the future!

S. Bnk

A. B. Parker

There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am to Marla for all her help with navigating a very difficult and complicated IEP for our 4th grader. Her expertise and knowledge was exactly what we needed. I only wished I would have found her years ago. She’s amazing and took her time. She took my phone calls and text day and night. She knew what we needed answered before I could even ask. Would recommend her to anyone 💯 percent! So thankful for continued support!

R. Dowlearn

Marla is professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and attentive. She understands the IEP process and is an excellent guide at navigating what can be stressful and confusing. We are grateful for her support and experience and recommend her highly!

R. Dowlearn