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Migdal Consulting specializes in Orton Gillingham “Plus” online/virtual dyslexia tutoring.

Migdal Consulting provides Evidence-Based Multi-sensory learning with in-person and online / virtual 1:1 dyslexia tutoring for students K-12 with learning disabilities. This includes twice exceptional students, and special needs support for homeschool families.  We specialize in Dyslexia and Bowman Orton Gillingham “Plus” tutoring, but serve students with other learning challenges as well.
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Online Dyslexia Tutoring

Virtual Dyslexia Tutoring Based in Frederick, MD

Migdal Consulting provides an initial assessment to see if your child will benefit from Bowman Orton Gillingham “Plus” tutoring. Orton-Gillingham “Plus” empowers you with the knowledge and tools to assist students facing dyslexia and reading challenges, enabling them to become confident, skilled readers. Trusted for over 30 years by school systems, teachers, and families, Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” offers engaging and evidence-based structured literacy training.
Contact us for virtual Bowman Orton Gillingham “Plus” tutoring, Paragraphology, Visualization and Verbalization, Handwriting, Middle School and High School level Math, Study Skills Help with homework or tests, and special workshops such as SAT 101.
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  • Reading Assessment: Migdal Consulting will conduct an initial reading dyslexia assessments to identify the specific challenges and strengths of students K-12 and to determine if your child will benefit from OG “Plus” tutoring.
  • Bowman Orton Gillingham (OG) “Plus” Approach: Bowman Orton Gillingham (OG) Plus approach is an instructional method designed for individuals with dyslexia. This approach focuses on multisensory, structured, and explicit instruction in phonics, decoding, spelling, and reading comprehension.
  • Individualized Instruction: Our certified special education dyslexia tutors develop and implement individualized lesson plans that cater to the unique learning needs of each of our students.
  • Multisensory Techniques: We incorporate multisensory techniques that engage multiple senses, such as sight, sound, and touch, to enhance learning and memory retention for learners K-12.
  • Phonological Awareness: Addressing and improving phonological awareness is crucial for decoding and understanding the sounds of spoken language.
  • Decoding Strategies: We specialize in teaching decoding strategies to help students recognize and understand written words.
  • Reading Comprehension: We provide support in developing reading comprehension skills to enhance overall understanding of texts.
  • Spelling and Writing Support: Our dyslexia tutors offer guidance in spelling and writing, addressing challenges related to encoding words and organizing thoughts in writing.
  • Monitoring and Collaboration: Migdal Consulting regularly assesses and monitors our students’ progress, adjusting instructional methods as needed. We also collaborate with parents, teachers, and other professionals to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive approach.

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Migdal Consulting serves students with learning disabilities and works with families virtually across the country with 1:1 virtual tutoring including dyslexia tutoring,  Orton Gillingham “Plus”, handwriting, math, workshops, and more.


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Bowman OG “Plus” Online Dyslexia Tutor

Certified Bowman Orton Gillingham + Tutoring

For decades, families have turned to Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” to better understand and help children become confident, competent readers. Migdal Consulting is proud to utilize this proven approach to help students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities achieve academic success.
Each of our special education dyslexia tutors is working toward their CERI Interventionist Certification. We believe in ongoing professional Development. Migdal Consulting tutors in 30, 45, and 60 minutes increments five days a week.
Based in Frederick, MD, we provide dyslexia tutoring in Frederick County, MD and surrounding areas in Montgomery County, Washington County, Howard County, Carroll County, and virtually ANYWHERE.
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