Special Education Virtual Tutoring

Migdal Consulting provides Evidence Based Multi-sensory Learning with online / virtual 1:1 tutoring for students K-12 with learning disabilities. This includes twice exceptional students, and special needs support for homeschool families.  We specialize in Dyslexia and Bowman Orton Gillingham “Plus” virtual tutoring, but serve students with other learning challenges as well. Contact us to speak to am experienced and certified special education tutor.

Online Tutoring for Students with Learning Disabilities

Migdal Consulting is an educational consultant specializing in dyslexia and other learning disabilities in Frederick, MD providing special education virtual tutoring.

Online / Virtual Tutoring makes a meaningful difference for families who have busy schedules or live far away from an experienced tutor. We can provide the same level of support as an in person tutor. As a virtual tutor based in Frederick, MD, Migdal Consulting also provides tutoring in person for students in Frederick and surrounding areas when available.

Online / Virtual Tutoring has been very popular solution in the last couple of years. You don’t lose the multisensory experience going virtual with Migdal Consulting LLC. We provide Bowman Orton Gillingham “Plus”, Paragraphology, Visualization and Verbalization, Handwriting, Middle School and High School level Math, Study Skills Help with homework or tests, and special workshops such as SAT 101. Fill out our Intake Form and contact us for more information.

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Migdal Consulting serves students and families virtually across the country with 1:1 virtual tutoring including Orton Gillingham “Plus”, handwriting, math, workshops, and more.
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Bowman Orton Gillingham “Plus” Virtual / Online Tutoring

Migdal Consulting provides in-person and online / virtual Bowman Orton Gillingham “Plus” tutoring for students K-12 by certified special education teachers. 

Migdal Consulting is an educational consultant in Frederick MD specializing in dyslexia, and serve students with specified learning disabilities, including twice exceptional students.

Bowman Orton Gillingham “ Plusa structured literacy program based on the original Orton-Gillingham approach. Traditional Orton Gillingham is a multi-sensory approach to reading that helps students connect sounds to letters. Dr Fran Bowman’s program uses aspects of Orton-Gillingham in combination with phonological awareness — the capacity to recognize and apply sounds in spoken language — and fluency training, the aptitude to read quickly and accurately.

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