Paragraphology for High Schoolers
Paragraphology for Middle Schooler and Upper Elementary
What is Paragraphology?
Paragraphology™ is the study of writing through color-coding. Paragraphology™ is a multisensory, comprehensive, scaffolded approach to writing and note-taking that can be easily utilized by children, teens, college students, and adults.
Framing Your Thoughts 
Second grade through 4th grade
Fifth grade through 8th grade
High School Students

What is Framing Your Thoughts?
The Framing Your Thoughts® program is centered on a sequential and systematic method of instruction designed to help students write and arrange accurate and creative sentences and paragraphs.
The workshops would be scheduled for 5 or 6 consecutive days. This will be small group virtual sessions. Email back to fill out an interest form to help us schedule and to learn more about our sessions.