Both of my sons have been receiving tutoring services through Migdal Consulting for close to 16 months.  When we started, my youngest son was not able to remember alphabet letters.  To tell you that he has made progress over the past 16 months, would be an understatement.  Getting him to the point of being able to read a book seemed so far out of reach.  Fast forward to today, he is capable of reading triple reads with his tutor, he can read decodable books with increased ease and has more confidence in his ability to write both in the classroom setting and during tutoring sessions.  He also has a diagnosis of ADHD, when we started he required multiple breaks and an adult to provide one on one support during tutoring (for redirection to tasks).  He is now independent in his ability to attend a half hour tutoring session, no longer requiring multiple rest breaks.

My oldest son had already been evaluated for an IEP and was receiving support within his school setting (for two years) prior to finding Migdal consulting.  We had also tried multiple rounds of vision therapy prior to reaching out for tutoring support.  Within the first few months of tutoring he jumped 20 points on his state testing in English language arts and his confidence grew in his ability to put thoughts on paper.  Recently, he has been volunteering to read out loud in class and he also played the role of Santa Claus, in the Elementary Christmas program, a part that required him to read lines in front of hundreds of people.  The 16 months of tutoring provided him with the support needed to strengthen his ability to read and write, but also has helped him to gain the confidence to fully embrace and partake in all aspects of his childhood.  I could never thank Marla and Chrissy enough!

Kristen Chapman 

Litchfield, Michigan